Your Weekend Forecast: 16th June

Need the hot tip? Catch the latest forecast from the bangers bureau below.

Thursday 16th

Record Fundraiser for Babicka @ Boney

One of Melbourne’s favourite sons had some of his favourite (wax) children ripped from his grasp a couple of weeks ago. In true Melbourne fashion, a bunch of red hot, dead set legendary DJs have come together to raise money for him to replace the records he lost. Firing straight back from the kindness of his heart, Babs has elected to donate the money to another cause (TBA). Good feels, good tunes.


Sunshine People | Luca Lozano [Klasse/Sex Tags UFO] @ Section 8

Luca Lozana finishes off his tour this evening at Section 8. All reports from Cold Ibiza on Friday and the Gasometer on Sunday suggest this is one not to be missed.


Good Lovin’ Holiday Spécial Prt.2 – North Pollard, Josh Keys & Around Town @ Night Cat

Good Lovin’ continues with the local love this evening at Night Cat. DJ and producer extraordinaire North Pollard is joined by Spin Club’s Josh Keys, plus Canberra expats Around Town.


Friday 17th

Cool Room – S02E06: Louis McCoy + HNDSM @ 26 Francis St, Melbourne

As if a single dose of McCoy wasn’t enough, the Cool Room family are this weekend welcoming him for two sets. Expect traditionally off the beaten track selections in his first, before full blown big fish, little fish, cardboard box during round 2. We are also VERY excited to see Brisbane’s Didi on the lineup this Friday. An alumni contributor to this very website, Emma Stevenson has a record collection that would make most others ashamed. Big daddy babs backs up to shut things out. Heat.


Houses in Motion present: Ara Koufax @ My Aeon

The lads from Houses in Motion have put together this nice little shindig with some of Melbourne’s finest. Ara Koufax are joined by AM Limonata, Jesse Young, ATMA, No. 1 Delicious, Oliver Francis and Xander Byng. We will also be taking the ones and twos for a late night spin.


Misty Nights: Cheese Fantasy @ Hugs&Kisses

Misty Nights maintain their tradition of superb party names with new edition, Cheese Fantasy. If it’s anything like our vision, get there. Simon & Danny all nite is not something to argue with.


Saturday 18th

Mania @ Lounge

Fresh off the back of the Sonic Showdown, Mania returns to standard programming and welcomes local legends of the the cosmos to the Maniadome. (Cry)Baby Bjorn and his big Daddy Babs will be spinning the soundtrack to their family vacay. Awesome Wales and Donald will keep the fire lit to compliment Ben Keynes’ long awaited return to Saturdays.


Spin Club 18/6 @ Mercat

Norachi live is a joy rarely witnessed, and one well worth catching if you haven’t had the pleasure. He lit up Lounge not so long ago, and in combination with Spin Club residents in tow the Mercat could be a very pleasant Saturday night home.


Lost Weekend pres. DJ JNETT ‘Wildlife’ EP Launch @ Boney

J’nett’s new record is serious fire. To celebrate, the Boney’s Lost Weekend squad have put on this party in special honour of one of the best DJs ever to come out of Melbourne. If you haven’t heard the record, do so for your own sake. Support from Lost Weekend regulars.