6AM MIX039: Anton Klint & Edvin E

Long time 6am friend Anton Klint is joined by compatriot Edvin E for the latest in our mix series. This one comes live to your ears from Gothenburg bar Folk.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

We are Anton Klint and Edvin E. Together we do this little label/experiment/club night called Tryck & Ton. We are from Gothenburg on the West coast of Sweden.

What was the process / thought behind this mix?

It’s an alcohol infused live mix from the release party of our third EP. The mix is recorded at our favourite bar Folk in Gothenburg, where we run a monthly label-night.

What stimulates you to actively pursue music?

When you DJ as frequently as we do, it comes naturally and it needs to be done. It is also a way for us to understand and interact with the crazy world around us.

What is on the horizon for yourself for 2016 and beyond?

We just put out the third offering from Tryck & Ton, and our aim is to get another one out in January. Other than that, a lot of travelling.

Tryck & Ton SoundCloud