6AM MIX040: Inkswel

We’re stoked to present 6AM MIX040, an hour of jams from one of Australia’s finest exports, Inkswel. Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, he has put out over 40 releases on some of the world’s best imprints.

What was the thought process behind this mix?

Just a random selection of jams I’ve been listening to lately, I get sent a lot of promos and I find mixes always a good area to showcase stuff my friends/ community etc send me. Where as in DJ mode I’m a bit more centred around my collection more so. I’m all for empowerment and there’s lots of beautiful people doing great things so it’s nice to give cats that shine !

What stimulates you to actively pursue music?

Music was what stimulated me to pursue music. I know that sounds strange but it’s all I’ve known and been about since around 13 years old. I am slowly growing as a man now and am interested in a lot of other non music outlets, but for the music itself the main drive and motivation has been the music itself- creating material is fuel in itself to be inspired, feel inspired and inspire others. That love alone has kept me going and pushing, I feel that this drive can be seen in my output alone (over 40 releases in 5 years), a lot of people are more calculated which is fine, I am more just on the vibe and the love for things.

What is on the horizon for yourself for 2016 and beyond?

Funnily enough slowing down a bit, as I’m also very busy in activism and other art forms. But that being said there is a new 12 on Nsyde records out of Germany featuring jazz “band build an ark” with a simbad remix, a 12 for midnight swim with some input from Eddie c, a new project featuring Georgia Anne muldrow,a rap project with blurum13 from oneself, a new BBE release and the debut from my group PLANETSELF. Probably doesn’t look like I’m slowing down, but I’m trying to relax more, maybe less gigs.