6AM MIX043: Leif Müller

We welcome Germany’s Leif Müller to the 6am series off the back of his release on Mule Musiq.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Me and my best buddy Konstantin Sibold started our Common Sense People Parties in 2011, the idea being that we would invite our favorite artists to play in Stuttgart, Germany. I’ve been a DJ since 2003, and started producing in 2013.

What stimulates you to pursue and involve yourself in music?

There was never a certain idea or thought. I have just been following my passion for music since I was a young kid. Some older friends introduced me to 90s techno. After listening to a lot of hip hop, I got addicted to techno and spent a lot of time at a local record store, which is what gave me the best education.

Tell us about this set, was there a thought process behind it? 

For this mix I decided to go with what I play at clubs- so have some drinks before you listen!

What is on the horizon for you in 2017 and beyond?

After my EP on Mule Musiq, I’m working on my next release, which will be more techno. Also, there’ll be some nice festivals and club gigs I’ll play during summer. The main aim is to get our Common Sense People label started though.

Leif Müller Facebook / SoundCloud