6AM MIX053: Eluize

6AM MIX053 comes from Australian expat Eluize! She’ll be returning to the shores of Oz again this summer, so we thought a podcast to celebrate was in order.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up in sunny Adelaide, spending my time mainly between the beaches, foothills and night spots around Hindley Street… I’ve been living in Berlin a little over 5 years and still find the long winters daunting, but the snow incredibly charming. I’m a musician, DJ and producer. I run two labels, vinyl imprint ‘Night Tide’ which stands for beauty in electronic sound and international collaboration between sonic and visual artists, and sister label ‘Bermuda Series’, where I release and support music produced by women.

What were the thoughts behind this mix? Where did you record it and what influenced it?

This mix is a collection of records I’m really loving at the moment, new things from me, friends and their labels, as well as strangers who make nice things. Wobbly, dizzying, bubbling, euphoric house, acid and electro for home or headphone listening and mood lifting. Recorded in my basement studio, Mittenwalder Music Room.

What’s coming up for the rest of the year?

I’m wrapping up a super fun year with a last gig at my residency at AWAY at aboutblank and a couple more shows in Europe, before heading home to Australia for a tour and some family hangs. I’ll be playing at Subsonic, Rainbow Serpent, Revolver, Sugar, Grand Poobah (and more) and can’t wait to share some dance floor moments with friends. On the release front I’ve got my debut LP “Confide” forthcoming on Craigie Knowes, which I’m incredibly excited about. There’s also new things breaking on Bermuda Series and a couple more of my own originals sneaking out on compilations that will be announced soon.

Eluize Facebook / SoundCloud