Playlist: Summer Selections for The Flamin’ Gala

With the first of their three parties down, the heads behind The Flamin’ Gala have asked some of the DJ’s that feature in their scorching summer series to pick a track that personifies these warmer months. If you didn’t make it down to Section 8 last Saturday for their inaugural shake we are told beyond complimentary Zooper Doopers and top notch selections you can also expect the place to be filled with sand for the next instalment. Soundtracking the urban beach party will be Superconscious Records’ Francis Inferno Orchestra, Andy Webb & Darcy Justice.


Andy Webb

Damiano Von Eckhert – Hollywood

Every summer since it came out this tune soundtracks so many scorching drives to the beach, it just feels so right on a sunny day. No doubt it’ll be back in the rotation this silly season.


Emma Stevenson

RAMZi – Brazilli

RAMZi’s music seems to sit in a sphere of its own, full of playful arrangement and freaky sounds that feel like they might be breathing. Kudos to point-of-difference artists like RAMZi for cutting through the vastness of newly released music, pulling me out of the vortex of yesteryear I often find myself stuck in. Brazilli is my pick for guiding dancefloor movement on hot, summery nights.



Darcy Justice

Stetsasonic – Talkin’ All That Jazz

I reckon this summer is gonna be groovy and right on, which is what this song is.



Renault – Naamat

“Naamat” is a Finnish language cover version of the Italo-disco classic “Faces” by Clio (Roberto Ferrante). I had listened and played the original Italian version to death and for me, it’s the ultimate summer Italo, this one freshens it up a bit and the Finnish voice and lyrics fit perfectly.



Noise In My Head

Hydroplane – Completed Extract From The Previous 7”

Not the 4/4 dance anthem people may have been looking for but one for all of the mornings after. Cue and disintegrate. Lifted from Bayu and Moopie’s I Won’t Have To Think About You comp on A Colourful Storm – this year’s best.


Adi Toohey

Galactic Life Force – Losing Control (Dub Mix)

An electro-funk sizzler to accompany the many beach commutes this summer.


Jimi Dawg

Tabala – Tabla Mouv’

Ever since Coochie Huggins and I ran the High Tide, Low Ride monthly Sunday session at Section 8 many years back I’ve always turned to Zouk when things start warming up. It just feels right and this cut is one that’s going to get a proper hoon this summer.