Cosmic Classics with Animals Dancing

With Northern Italy as it’s playground, the late 1970s and early 1980s were formative years for the cosmic sound made famous by Daniele Baldelli and Beppe Loda. This fresh style of synthesiser-heavy, African-influenced dance music flew in the face of the more mainstream Italo Disco that was popular across the rest of the country, and became a defining sound for the Northern region. The churning, hypnotic and at times psychedelic characteristics of the genre directly countered those of Italo, giving Cosmic a distinct lack of commerciality. Similarly, the style of mixing that came with it was freeform, and allowed the type of major speed variations that came with playing 45 RPM records at 33, or vice versa.

Wind the clock forward 40 years and it’s a style of mixing still prevalent, now across a range of genres and from DJs across the world. Animals Dancing have perhaps become the best known purveyors of the cosmic sound in Melbourne- as DJs, label heads and promoters. As such, it seems suitable that they welcome the cosmic master himself, Daniele Baldelli, to celebrate another trip round the sun at Animals Dancing NYD. They’ve compiled a list of their most prized cosmic selections to get you in the mood.

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