Harmonized Soundsystem: Sounds of the Adriatic Coast

This August in the small Italian town of Macerata, the crew behind Harmonized Soundsystem present the world with their second instalment of Fat Fat Fat. The small Italian music festival lies close to the Adriatic coast and encompasses all that is good in the country’s finest music, history and food. After a recent rise in awareness of Italian house music, and more specifically the dream house of the early 90s, I thought it would be fitting to ask a crew native to this region what tracks might encapsulate that vibe. Alessio, Andrea and Curl take us on a journey through some carefully curated sounds from the time.

Alessio (Low.e)

Korda – Don’t Try

I bought this record 4 years ago at a small store in the center of Macerata, our city. It’s a weapon- love the chords and it’s great for creating energy. It also works early in the morning for everyone who knows how to boogie to it.


Flavio Vecchi – You Better Believe 

I always loved this one from the Italian “Maestro”. Flavio is an important Italian master for those who were born on the Adriatic coast. I use this one to break up sets, or if we are moving towards some deep vibes. I bought it on Discogs- it’s timeless for me.


Last Rhythm – Last Rhythm (Original Club Mix) 

This is an Italian anthem that I bought it some years ago at a small market in a little city in the hills. It’s heaven- freaky and hot. I’ve played it several times in our club and it’s still one of my favorite tunes ever- it makes me wanna close my eyes and dance.


Andrea (Low.e)

Golem – Dream 

This is what I mean when I say I’m searching for the perfect mix between classical 90’s deep pads and chilling ambient structures! I bought this record in Rome at I Want To Believe Rec, a relatively secret warehouse managed by some friends of mine. “Dream” by Golem is the perfect tune as first record of the night when you are warming up!


TV Eyes – Movin’ Yourself 

This is an old record from 1993, during the so called “golden age” for the house music- both in general for our country and more specifically the Adriatic Coast. This record was composed by Sergio Portaluri and Leo Mas (an underrated Italian artist in my opinion). The latter is a member of ‘La Triade’ a trio composed by Mas, Andrea Gemolotto and Fabrice. Their DJ sets on the Italian east coast revolutionised the classical idea of a set and their mixtapes are still an huge source of inspiration for me. I prefer to play this record at the peak time of the night, or at least at a moment when you feel that you can accelerate a little bit more with the crowd.


Don Carlos – Alone 

Luckily, last year the guys from Calypso Records repressed it and the vinyl was cheap and affordable enough for my wallet. I love buying good old records and spending money on them, but on the other hand I hate Discogs inflation!

I like to play this tune as the last track of the night or, with a smooth mix, at an open air summer party. I’m totally in love with this kind of dream Italian house music!


Curl Menghi

Enrico Mantini – What U Want

I don’t remember exactly where I bought this record. It appeared 4 years ago, and from that moment “What U Want” has always been with me when I’m travelling for gigs. I use this record late in the night- it gives me a good opportunity to break away from the rest of my selections.


Riviera Traxx – Hey Hey 

This masterpiece track represents all the emotions and vibes of the 90s Italian adriatic coast. I bought this record in one of the most famous record shops of the time, Disco Più. It suits best when the night is over and I’m having an after hours session with close friends. It is perfect with the early light of the morning.


Omniverse – Antares 

I still remember the sensations when I heard this tune for the first time. I was in a famous Italian afterparty club called “Club dei Nove Nove”. The sounds represent all I love about Italian house, period. I most like to play it in the last part of the warm up, or sometimes during the peak time of night.

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