Kate Miller: Tracks To Listen To While Camping

Fresh off performing at Sugar Mountain’s Studio 45, Kate Miller has been kind enough to soundtrack our next 6am camping trip. Buckle up.

Young Wolf – Kabuki (Ritual Version)

Heard my favourite DJ, Lena Willikens, play this a couple of weeks ago at Cool Room in Melbourne and absolutely fell in love with the trippy melody and samples. I closed my eyes and imagined myself dancing at night by a fire on the beach.

DJ OK – It’s Fine

On my recent camping trip to Tasmania I enjoyed listening to this song by the lakes in the mountains. The frogs, drums and sounds of the forest along with the broken beat rhythm made for the perfect accompaniment to the start of the day.

Lucas Croon – Türkischer Tee

While travelling around Tasmania we had to do a lot of driving and quite often we drove alongside a river. Watching the glistening water from just outside the car window, the forward motion of the percussion in this song motivated us to keep driving. And once we reached our destination there was nothing we craved more than a cup of ‘Türkischer Tee’.

P Relief – El Niño

One appreciates everything so much more when out in nature. Especially the rain and natural springs. Showering less, using less water to wash the dishes, searching out clean drinking water. This song’s slowly flowing warm vibrations are perfect for when you’re floating out on the lake or letting the cool creek water trickle over your toes.

Chiwoniso – Zvichapera

One of the best records I own. Those non-quadratic rhythms are so refreshing and the vocals are as beautiful as a waterfall.

Øyvind Morken – Distinct Dialect

Can’t get enough of this record. Perfect for the opening, middle or even closing of a set. It flows smoothly but confidently pushes you forward. Like the rapids of the Derwent River.

Jacob Mafuleni & Gary Gritness – Chikoni 808

Walking through the forests and ever-changing vegetation this song has just the right bpm for hiking. While the vocals and percussion transport you to an exotic landscape.

Sputnik – Mumakata

The slow development of the percussion, the optimistic chanting and building progression of this song to that climactic moment is perfect for the mountain tops or the dance floor.

Tornado Wallace – Today (feat. Sui Zhen)

Lying under the palm tree looking up to the sky with the sound of the waves rolling in, or Tornado Wallace’s track from his latest album ‘Lonely Planet’, which is probably a better guide for your travels than the book of the same name.

Kenny Duo – Jungle In Old Town

Australia is especially known for its enchanting songbirds. The uplifting pads and rolling bassline in this song alongside the bird samples encourage exploration of natural bird habitats.

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