Leftfield: Predictions for Strawberry Fields

We were lucky enough to get a window into the current musical orientation of Leftfield ahead of their set at Strawberry Fields. Journey through the depths of a intensely musical mind.

From Neil (Leftfield)-

“My DJ sets are all about the journey. I tend to feature new and upcoming electronic music, rather than playing only Leftfield. That said, I do play remixes and sometimes I delve into the past if the mood suits! There is so much exciting techno and house music out there, my sets reflect this and my tastes are varied and extreme. They build and develop, and can turn quite suddenly into more ethnic grooves or dubby house. It’s difficult to analyse a lot of the records I play as they often don’t fit into obvious categories, but I spend many hours developing them. I hope you enjoy this- a selection of some of my favourite tracks (both new and old) that I’m currently playing.”

Hodge – Body Drive (No Corner Records)

A new one from one of my favourite artists. Hodge remixed my track ‘Universal Everything’ and did a brilliant job. This new track is stunning as well and represents a new direction for him. An undulating beatless intro draws you into explosive drums…the music is beautiful and almost ethnic with sounds of distorted koto guitar. It intensifies emotionally before exploding, an opening track if ever I’ve heard one. It’s part of an EP on a Bristol label called ‘No Corner’ and deserves to be massive.

Neville Watson – Head First

A mesmerising track that’s almost psychedelic and again built around an undulating acid build up. Neville is on fire at the moment- pumping drums, just brilliant adventurous house music with a bit of a Detroit vibe. It keeps you locked in with cosmic synth lines…top techno.

Pearson Sound – XLB

No doubt one of the tracks of the year from David Kennedy. It’s a collossal beast of a track with a quite extaordinary drop, which is why I love it so much. It’s banging, but not in an expected way. It grinds to a halt…all music should sound like this!

MMM (Errorsmith & Fiedal) – Nous Sommes MMM.

An older techno track from 2010 that is killer in every way. Featuring a growing, almost ravey keyboard line laced with distorted guitars and no drums for ages- just how I like it. It builds to an epic level, completely original and very brave it takes the best elements of EDM and turns it all on its head. A must in my sets at the moment.

Josh Wink – Talking to You (Jon Rundell Remix)

Josh Wink is one of those artists that keeps standards up. This is a heavy but funky techno version brilliantly put together. I play quite a few Wink remixes in my set including this and a track called ‘Denial’, which is also brilliant. This fits nicely into other pumping tracks and has a lovely acid line to add. Floor filler.

Christian Smith – Destination Unknown.

A standout track for me from Christian’s new album. I was turned on to it by James Zabiella who I heard drop it in LA recently. It’s different to anything else on this largely techno album- straight out of the Detroit cybetron school of minimal beats and Kraftwerk. A robot voice leads you into a fantastic journey of synths and acid.. acid again!

808 State – In Yer Face (Bicep Acid Dub)

Dropping things down even deeper with this spaced out remix of a classic. It bears little resemblance to its famous cousin, the massive A side version. I love the stunning dark string line and the awesome hip hop bass drum on this one, respect! Oh, and there’s an acid line…funky.

Theus Mago – Out Of The Blue

A totally psychadelic house track, with reverbed percussion and a bassline that reminds me of Daniel Avery in a strange way. Uplifting and emotional, very deep and dubby, it fits in for me once everything is established and I can take everyone on a journey.

Afro Left – Leftfield (Melé Edit)

A bootleg that was doing the rounds late last year. I really like the interpretation, it simply cuts the track up and adds heavier house drums. It’s very recognisable and often leads me to play music of an African nature, great job by my mate Melé. See, I do play Leftfield…

Slam – Ecclesiastic

An absolute belter here from the new album ‘Machine cut Noise’. It’s laced with distorted and reverbed atmosphere and does exactly what you would expect a Slam record to do, with real style.

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