Melchior Sultana: Sounds of The Mediterranean

After our short quiz last year with our favourite Italians from Harmoized Soundystem, we travel a little bit further south to explore the coast of Malta with Melchior Sultana. He reflects on some of his own productions, with particular focus on those that encapsulate the atmosphere on the Mediterranean coast. If these tracks are anything to go by, we can only imagine how smooth and sultry the place must be.

  1. Melchior Sultana & Owen Jay – Way of Life

Melchior: The first collaboration between myself and Owen Jay, back in 2010, which also involved the great Alex Bezzina on trumpet.

2. Deep88 ft. Javonntte – Fly Away (Melchior Sultana Remix)

M: I like to call this record the tritone because it brings together three soulful warriors- Deep88, Javonntte and myself.

3. Melchior Sultana – Paradise

M: This is an important record for me because it’s on Jus Ed’s imprint, Underground Quality, and defines the vision of my music at that time. The combination of house and the feeling of the atmosphere I am surrounded with.

4. Melchior Sultana – Calypso

M: This is the last record that came out on a label I co-owned, Urban State Records. It’s important to me because I learnt a lot as a very young musician and producer, particularly on the label side of things, which allowed me to evolve my own projects.

5. Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana – Movement

M: Another very important release to me, a collaboration with Owen Jay on Mike Grant’s Moods&Grooves.

6. Melchior Sultana – Story

M: This was one take on the synth, each time I listen to it gives me goosebumps. Soul captured.

6. Melchior Sultana ft. Reine Kabban – Give it to the Moon

M: An improvised live performance that turned into a track, part of the first release on my own label Profound Sound.

7. Melchior Sultana – World Is History

M: An under the radar album that came out on the legendary IRMA imprint from Italy.

8. Melchior Sultana – The Way You Move (Deep88 Remix)

M: This track is from a recent project I did with Deep88, on the excellent DeepArt Sounds.

9. Melchior Sultana – Feels Like Spring 

M: Another under the radar album I did, more on the downtempo side.

‘Melchior Sultana’s ‘Love for the Art’ EP is out now on Profound Sound. Buy/stream the release here.