Songs That Inspired: Moon (J.Albert & Iron Curtis)

Two of 6am’s favourite artists, Johannes Albert and Johannes Paluka aka J.Albert and Iron Curtis, return as  ‘Moon’. The duo align creative spirits for the freshly released LP titled “Industrie & Zärtlichkeit” or ‘Industry & Tenderness’ in English. An apt description of their 11 track offering, it spans across lush ambient textures, pulsating electro and industrial synth work.

For this playlist these two legends take a dive back into inspirations from the past and present, covering some quite interesting and important personal tunes.


A subtle yet amazing vibe, yeah that must be a Morgan Geist production. Golden and timeless dancefloors moments. All this little melodies in between. What we like especially is the fact that most of these tracks like “Probs” are so tiny in a way. Not too much happening but still such floor fillers. Most certainly a huge inspiration for Moon. Listen to “Proto” for reference. (J.Albert)


You probably hear it in ‘Industrie & Zärtlichkeit’: A little Kraftwerk here and there. Definitely childhood memories to me. Remember when they played “Autobahn” in the radio when we were riding our Opel to vacation destinations. And no doubt: You need to go for the 20 minutes version. (J.Albert)


Ambient. Still a topic nowadays. For our short beatless skits like ‘Fjordig’ we feel like there is a nod to the classic ambient maestros like Jan Jelinek, Brian Eno and the likes. We choose Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records (being repressed as we speak by the way). (J.Albert)


Moon loves its Detroit. Obviously. Marcellus Pittmann, however, goes all Chicago this time and rides into shuffling 808 dreams. What up doe? (J.Albert)


Good guy Lerosa provided us with an ace remix of ‘’Appeal’. When he got us his remix he said that he “went all the Cure” and he couldn’t be more on point. (J.Albert)


606 beats, travelling pads, a gentle and tiny melody. All we need. (J.Paluka)


I so remember the first time hearing this track on a big soundsystem. It blew me away. Hyper R&B with just the right amount of cheese, shimmering synth and that wobbly strings! Also, the cautious clicks and cuts and the subtle Aphex Twin-esk edginess made this track a huge influence. Back then, I wished Jimmy Edgar to become the new Timberland or Rodney Jerkins. Maybe Moon will? We are ready, Beyonces of the world! (J.Paluka)


As much as Moon loves its good portion of acid and techno, we did not include any 4-to-se-floor tracks on the album. Frak are one of these producers who are able to combine sweet melodies and pumping, distorted drums just perfectly. And they did that eons before all of these lofi house producers were even born. Synthfrilla and many of their tracks became an inherent part of the DJ sets we played in the past years. (J.Paluka)


This track is just perfect (besides its title which always concerns me a bit whenever I see it written). Praise to my man Johannes Albert for introducing me to this gem back then! It became one these hymns that we would play out at the end of a night. This will put a smile on the faces of all remaining dancers and if it was not a good night as of yet, this track will fix it for you. Love to the G.A.N.G. yours, Moon. (J.Paluka)


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