Songs That Inspired: Darcy Baylis

Following the release of his highly awaited debut solo LP, ‘Intimacy & Isolation’, Darcy Baylis takes time to share with us some of the most influential tracks of musical journey.

The Used – The Taste of Ink

When I was 11 years old my sister came into my room with an unlabelled CD-R full of music her friend had burnt for her. Notable inclusions like Something Corporate’s Konstantine and even Yellowcard’s Ocean Avenue couldn’t prepare me for the desperate yearning of a song like The Taste of Ink. I’m pretty sure I started learning how to play guitar the next day.

Bjork – Undo

There is a moment in this song where Bjork seems to combat all the terrible afflictions of a mental breakdown – “bleeding”, “sweating”, “crying” – with one simple action: “undo”. Ever since I first heard it, Undo has become a refuge, a piece of music that doubles as a place in which to seek shelter.

Burial – Archangel

What else is there to say about Untrue that hasn’t been said already? Disembodied voices, fragmented samples, the sound of drums decaying as they hit the grid. At this point this album is probably formative for almost everyone making electronic music in the 21st century.

Drake – The Resistance

In a post-Jumpman world, it’s easy to forget that Drake was once a devastating storyteller, capable of painting himself as both the lovelorn narcissist you loved to hate and a genuinely good person worthy of your unwavering empathy in a single sentence. If “What am I afraid of/this is supposed to be what dreams are made of” isn’t somehow all of us, I don’t know what is.

Rihanna – Needed Me

I can’t think of a piece of music that devastated me more in 2016 than Needed Me. The way Rihanna details the atrocities of modern romantic warfare with a series of painstakingly delivered melismas is at once heartbreaking and perfect. Intimacy vs isolation, hey.

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