6AM MIX057: Boo Williams

Tell us a little bit about how you recorded this mix and the concept behind it.
This is a vinyl and cd mix that I wanted to do somewhat carefree.

You’ve just launched Boo Moonman Records, will this be a vehicle for your music only? Do you think that running a label in this day and age still holds importance?

Yes, I have so much music that I really needed to get it out there myself.  Starting a vinyl label is not easy but it was very important to at least try. 

You’ve been making music and djing for 30+ years. How do you keep yourself inspired?

Well it is very natural at this point to just want to create something especially after an overseas trip.

Your latest work, Outer Limits, has a dreamy, ethereal feeling to it that seems to coincide with the space themes of the new label and it’s art. Is space something that is of interest to you?

The label is based on my MOON MAN alias that I have used in the past on labels such as Cajual, Moods & Grooves and Nite Life Collective.   The art is based on a doodle of an astronaut helmet on a graphic of my face and I decided to just run with since I am Moon Man.