As Heard @ Hopkins Creek 2017

‘As Heard @’ returns once more, this time reflecting on the second year of Hopkins Creek.

You’d be excused for not realising that this was the festival’s second year in action. What was last year an intimate affair amongst friends went big for 2017 and gosh did they do it right. A welcomed focus on the domestic talent Australia currently boasts, only a few foreign names were scattered amongst a ripper lineup. No rushing between stages to catch two half-hour glimpses of international heavyweights and no ridiculous fantics (yes, that is a word I have made up to describe fanboi/fangirl antics) was a fresh reprise from your usual festival.

Photo: Emily Curran

Set upon one of the most beautiful sites that any Aussie festival boasts, The Crater makes for some surreal and otherworldly mindless wandering. Unlucky that the first weekend of Summer aligned with the most underwhelming storm of the century, the vibe felt a little bit more like a weekend away around Easter. Despite this, the crew pushed on and delivered a professionally run event, aided by some of the most positive punters I have come across. Safe to say the first weekend of December in my 2018 calendar has ‘HOPKINS CREEK’  written big fucking letters.