Inner Varnika: The Suit Suite

It is that time of year again where all of Melbourne’s dance floor atheists choose to forget why the weekend is longer, pack the car full of cans and head out to Inner Varnika. In the eyes of the family at 6AM, the only true essential is your suit. The exposé of these suits is now entrenched in Melbourne’s dance folklore. I personally have caught myself overseas, bashing some poor souls ear about the legend that is ‘Suit Sunday’. While many would argue that the party soundtrack provided by Sex Tags is what makes the Sunday such an event, we believe the suits themselves are the real headliner. It’s basically the most hedonistic fashion party you will ever attend, without the wankers.

Whether you are a Last Minute Larry Levan and need some inspiration, or you are sitting there reading this thinking “I came to the music blog for music, not for fashion tips”, never fear – 6AM has got you covered. We have asked some of our favourite selectors playing this weekend to curate this music and suit pairing.


Penny O’Brien, aka Pjenné

“This suit speaks to me in volumes…literally…c’est frenchy, chic and 80s. Just like this french boogie cut from 1982.”

Track: Gérard Vincent – Il y a des jours

ROSRory McPike aka Rings Around Saturn

“Call me old fashioned but a suit, tie and cigar combo will always be a sign of a cool person and their power. When we enter a festival, all our preconceived ideas about society break down, who you are or where you come from no longer matter. You are what you create for those few days, who will you decide to be? Plain Jane? Average Joe? Or the fat, balding, spineless, cigar smoking CEO to a wealthy company who avoids paying tax like you and I?? Lets fake it till we make it.”

Track: Minor Science – Naturally Spineless


Colette Ruiters, aka Colette

“Now, where did I leave my K again??”

Track: Cherrelle – Oh No It’s You Again


Jo L. aka Toni Yotzi

“You don’t choose this business, this business chooses you.”


Michael Kucyk, aka Noise in my Head

“Going for the Colonel Sanders look? Take a bite of this Zinger.”

Track: Andy Rantzen – Harmonic Eye


Alex Albrecht & Sean La’Brooy, aka Albrect La’Brooy

“Misfits aren’t misfits among other misfits.”

Track: Pat Metheny Group – Better Days Ahead

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