Picks Of 2015: DJ’s & Artists

Not satisfied with torturing ourselves and our staff with the favourites game, we asked several of our favourite local and international artists to give us their thoughts. All have been a huge support and a part of the journey of 6am thus far. Thanks guys!

Dan White

Favourite release: OD / MB – Shplittin’ The Shtones – (rush hour’s) No ‘Label’

A follow up of sorts to Morgan Buckley’s debut (and probably my fav 12″ of 2014) on No ‘Label’ in 2014, this split 12″ dives deeper into the live instrumentation that made the first 12″ so refreshing, a proper modern fusion of genres.  Pick of the LP is Eau-de-Vie (no longer online), a 6 minute trippp featuring bouzouki, guitar and double bass, reminds me of Neu! mashed with the Weather Report, if they were using samplers and a computer to make music, in a time of increasingly standardised music, something like this is welcomed, weird and colourful but it still remains dancefloor friendly.  My favourite artwork of the year, mastered by legendary Sonic Boom, its a complete package.

Notable mentions
Tapes LP on Em Music,
the two Mix Mup EPs,
OPN’s Garden of Delete,
Lifted LP on PAN,
Ariel Pink’s Pom Pom.

Favourite tape: Sea Chanteys and Owl Songs from the Ambrosial Archipelago

This tape courtesy of Indole Records left me speechless more then any other in 2015. This hidden gem is made up of psychedelic, minimalist, tribal vignettes that take you to another time and place with strange recordings of dense drones, live instrumentation and percussion. The songs swirl around in chaos until they click and make perfect sense before chopping to the next episode where again it disorients you until you find yourself rewinding it to hear it from the start again.

Favourite mix: Kassem Mosse – Shopping

It was a great day to wake up to a new Kassem Mosse mixtape, only 18 minutes long but it is a mind twister, a proper deep and textured freak out.  Some kind of strange futuristic radio skit on acid, nothing lingers too long but nothing sounds out of place.

Harvey Sutherland

Favourite release: Milton Wright – ‘Original Friends & Buddies’

Shouts to Athens of the North for reissuing so much incredible music this year. Friends and Buddies didn’t really leave the platter.

Favourite mix: Sassy J – ‘Red Light Radio 24 Apr 2015’ 

I could have picked any of J’s thoughtful mixes, but I keep coming back to this session of mod-soul heaters. A supremely skilled selector.

Sassy J @ Red Light Radio 04-24-2015 by Red Light Radio on Mixcloud

Favourite tune(s) – Luis CL ‘Inner City’ (Superconscious) / Henry Wu ‘Croydon Depot’ (Rhythm Section)

Two brilliant cuts, great in their own way. Luis nails the programming and understated euphoria. Bradley Z played the test pressing of ‘Croydon’ in the Canavan’s Pool Hall and it all made beautiful sense.


Favourite release: Liem / Lucky Charmz – LHLTSUB1

For favourite release.. you guys are giving me a very hard time here to pick one but I’d have to say I’m one of the very lucky 200 people on earth to have this on wax, and having bought it for the mere 10 euros which was the price only two months ago.. (10x as expensive now). I’ve been playing these tracks almost every set since I bought the record. Obviously “If Only” by Liem is the real “ear catcher” here, but people must not forget to flip that record to give Lucky Charmz a spin with his teasing and solid beat edit of Sylvester’s “Over and Over”. Instant buy on sight.. if you have tha moneys.

Favourite mix: Medlar – Solid Steel Radio Show 20/3/2015 Part 1 + 2

For me this mix was a real standout. It’s by Medlar of whom I’m a very big fan, and I feel he is still very much underrated. In this recording he only features his own exclusive and unreleased material, it got me jealous to hear what he has unreleased haha. Anyway, I love this whole hour of deepness, groove and melancholy.. totally my vibes.

CC Disco

Favourite mix: Chico G – Set Fire to your limousine

I love a mix that you can sleep, chill, and bath to. This one is everything for that. Features a few tracks you will know but I remember giving this a real work out while traveling through america earlier in the year. It was def the most played mix from me this year.

Favourite release: Harvey Sutherland – Bermuda / New Paradise

New Paradise really grew on me and it turned out to be my favourite new release of 2015. It being the B side to Harvey’s release with MCDE in 2015. Every time I play this song 85% of the time someone came up to me and asked what it was. Its a brilliant song thats builds nicely until 3.48mins …. then bang those strings. It’s got such a nice non forced emotional feel to it, Something I always crave in the music I play and listen to.

Andy Hart

Favourite release: LNRDCROY – Much Less Normal / Firecracker Recordings

Originally released on cassette by 1080p, Firecracker re-issued this incredible album on double LP with their signature House Of Traps artwork. You get a Larry Heard vibe through out this record, at least what he would be making if he’d been transported from 96′ to right now.

Favourite mix: Volcov – Store Mix 005 – Volcov Digs Rush Hour

Volcov was the stand out DJ for me this year. He has an incredible ability to combine contemporary house and soul with the music’s roots. This mix is much more down tempo than his club offerings, but still an absolute treasure.

Wax’o Paradiso

Favourite release: Francis Inferno Orchestra – Mum Said Chocolate Isn’t Good For Dogs

Beautiful Griff, this record is enormous. We’ve played it nearly every show!

Favourite mix: MDC.144 Pocock

The enigmatic Pocock, a dear friend of ours, put together this delightfully all Australian selection for the Melbourne Deepcast. A journey through ambience and dance, he captured what’s happening in our home town oh so well and had to choose it as our fav.

Mall Grab

Favourite release: Kornel Kovacs – Radio Koko

It was nearly impossible for me to choose a favourite release for 2015- so many great new labels popping up, great new artists and fantastic releases. I’ve gone with Kornel Kovacs’ Radio Koko because I play this record every single time I play out and have done so since it was released. It’s perfect, but still wonderfully imperfect. Amazing sampling, amazing bass, amazing drums.

Favourite mix: DJ Sotofett, Pender Street Steppers, Hashman Deejay – TRUSHmix 70

My favourite mix of the year was Trushmix 70 – DJ Sotofett, Pender Street Steppers and Hashman Deejay. I love anything Mood Hut related – I have listened to this mix at least 100 times and it never gets any less fantastic.

Paxton Fettel

Favourite release: Lapti – V Tiraj (Gost Zwuk)

Favourite mix: Lord of the Isles – Ransom note mix