Event: Mosca presented by All Good

All Good have been running Melbourne parties since June of last year, and doing it well. Mosca was yet another top international artist to add to an already impressive list, which includes the likes of  Bambounou, DjRUM, Zed Bias and Paleman.

The crew from All Good was not done any favours by a lack of on-the-night sales, but made the right decision in moving the main event into Brown Alley’s smoker’s area. An initially disappointed crowd slipped into gear with ease, embracing the smoky outdoor vibes supplied by one of the few remaining in-house smoking areas in Melbourne. Initial fears that Mosca’s bass-heavy style would not be fully honoured by a sub-par smokers sound system were entirely neutralised by the atmospheric lighting, killer crowd and above all, a perfect set. The moment the artist apologised for the unfortunate circumstances, it was as though all was forgotten – the crowd was hooked in an instant. The lack of numbers simply increased the bond between members of the audience, who shared the love with one another via a mutual adoration for the artist and his work.


Keeping it initially low key, the London legend moved from strength to strength and it was clear the audience was there to stay. The move to a smaller, more intimate space had allowed the vibe to flourish, as conversations and boogies were experienced in equal measure. There was no member of the crowd to good for any other, no one caught up in the scene, because we were all there for the music. The venue was dickhead free for once, and we loved it.

Mosca dropped his classics to seas of hands, but wasn’t afraid to get different with it. The speed of his tracks was always was in sync with the rhythm of the night – when we needed a push, it was always there. It is the unique ability of special DJs to squeeze every last drop of enthusiasm and energy from a crowd, but the numbers that remained at 4am suggested Mosca had managed to do so.


It was one of the few gigs this year that spoke to the high hopes that I have for our local dance music scene. It was intimate and friendly – two qualities that Melbourne parties should make their primary focus.

Don’t miss All Good, they are here to stay.


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Mosca Soundcloud 

Photos by Duncographic