Event: Fabriclive feat. Eglo Records, Hoya:Hoya & Boxed

Fabric on Friday 26th sported one of its usual high-class lineups, with the names Akkord, Visionist and Illum Sphere catching the eye. But one part of it really stood out to offer something new. It’s something that’s stirring up the murky waters of London’s underground. It’s formidable, it’s loud, it has no shame in blasting your eardrums to pieces. It’s grime, and grime again.

Fatima’s live band began the evening in Room 1, the sweet and sultry tones of the Swedish singer and her funky cohorts marking the beginning of the evening. Karizma made his mark on this room at the end of the evening, mostly with house, techno and tech-house cuts to see everyone off at the end of the evening.

Illum Sphere showed off his spinning skills in Room 2, with an eclectic mix of house, garage, dubstep and and a whole host of other things he could throw in. Hoya:Hoya head honcho Jonny Dub and Chunky made a good team, mixing garage, house and UK funky just before Akkord turned up at around 5am, showcasing their acclaimed album from last year, and knowledge of formidable UK bass cuts.

But behold Boxed in Room 3, the new mainstayers hosting grime parties, who definitely stole the show that night. Boasting Keysound talents Visionist and Logos is a promising start. Strictly within the confines of instrumental grime, the sub sound that many of us have been missing since techno became trendy was ripe and ready. If some guy behind you is continually yelling ‘FUUUUCKKK OFFFF!’, and if Boxed’s parties have been described as ‘having the same vibe as the early FWD parties’ … it speaks for itself, really. Visionist and Logos were the two most obvious names of the new grimewave who were present that night, but Oil Gang, Slackk and Murlo’s weird, alien contributions showcased today’s best creations in the genre. With no MC in sight.