Review: Inner Varnika 2016

After a hugely successful weekend in 2015, Inner Varnika was back to Bookaar to lay a dusty and picturesque base for a weekend of connection between likeminded punters and quality music.

Inner Varnika for myself and I’m sure many others marks the end of the silly season down under. Generally from here on in, the day party locomotive starts to slow down and ventures to regional corners of Australia become a little too cold and arduous for most. So with that being said, I feel as though Inner Varnika represents some sort of epic closing party where selectors, promoters and punters get together and celebrate in an intimate yet utterly outrageous manner.


Keeping with the same layout as the year before was a big tick in my book for a few reasons; firstly I think it adds some consistency and image that the crowd appreciates, and secondly because I don’t like spending the weekend getting my drunken bearings again. It was not long before I started appreciated the little ways that the crew at IV HQ had upped their game. Logistically and stylistically the whole festival seemed to have a much better flow to it. It succeeded in its simplicity and as a punter it is refreshing sometimes to appreciate décor without being distracted from the primary focus – the music.

This years’ lineup took a lot more risks, but inevitably showed that Inner Varnika is a diverse music festival that caters to all sorts of heads. Look from side to side at any point over the weekend and you will catch yourself surrounded by all sorts of dance music subcultures perfectly personified. Whether it is the matching tracksuit junglist on your left or the funeral dressed techno nerd on your right, the Inner Varnika dancefloor is about togetherness and introducing your ears to sounds they may not be familiar with.


So many sets from the weekend produced so many amazing moments and it is impossible to list them all, however I have culled it down to a particularly amazing experience that I had each day/night of the Inner Varnika weekend.

It is always amazing when one of your favourite bands gets played at a festival, but opening my eyes to see that about 50 other people around me were also furiously strumming their air guitars along to the riff of New Order’s ‘Age of Consent’ was a moment I won’t quickly forget – thank you Noise In My Head.

Backing up his foggy and brilliant warm-up for Donato Dozzy last year, Moopie just can’t help but absolutely nail the Saturday night slot. If you were not there to experience it then make sure that you are front and centre next Easter Saturday for an education on the dark, weird and utterly invigorating effect music can have on you.

The annual conference and gathering of suits gained more traction then ever before. CEO Courtney Sparklepants together with the Sex Tags crew are fast creating a tradition that dwarfs any other silly Sunday this corner of the world.

Although many sets this year were quite divisive and by no means played it safe the crew at Inner Varnika can commend themselves on cementing themselves as one hell of a party. Attracting what is arguably the best crowd to any Australian festival, they have provided a platform for a scene so disconnected from the rest of world to engage with music, artists and likeminded people that most people five years ago would not have dreamed possible.

I’m already working out what excuses I can use to get out of Easter commitments for next year.

Click HERE to access the full(y cooked) 6AM Inner Varnika photo set.

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