Review: Let Them Eat Cake 2016

Bringing in the New Year is on paper meant to be a joyous and memorable experience for most, however in actual practice it is often filled underwhelming pyrotechnics, a short lived midnight romance, expensive cab fares and very few memories of the new years’ inaugural day. If that sounds all too familiar to you, then make sure to scribble into your calendars Let Them Eat Cake 2017.

There are many reasons why RA Voted it the best New Years festival, however I feel that it comes down to the fact it caters to all sorts of New Years revellers. So here are your typical punters and how Let Them Eat Cake kept them well fed on the first of January:


The “I don’t usually go to these festivals but all my mates were” punter

Having encountered many of these types on the day and convincing a few of them myself to come, I was pleasantly surprised with how positively they spoke of the day on their way back from Werribee. Whether it was the fancy selection of drinks offered or the elaborate stages constructed, the festival just seemed to tick all the boxes for those that previously thought they were slightly too sophisticated for it. Then again, it is hard to pinhole Cake as on of ‘those festivals’, when you are frolicking amongst some of the most immaculate gardens and settings imaginable (and that’s probably where they were really won over).

The “I just know I will hate all of the repetitive music” punter

The beauty of this year and years gone before is the diversity in the lineup, however this does not sacrifice its quality. Motor City Drum Ensemble had naysayers not even knowing what genre they were dancing to, and realising that for some reason they knew the lyrics to old disco tunes being teased into very ‘repetitive’ basslines. Specials mentions also go to the bookings of Seven Davis Jr., Slum Village and Andras & Oscar who all masterfully worked the crowd with their live performances.


The “I’m here for the music and have my day mapped out” punter

One day festivals can often fall in to the trap of not programming their artists properly and not giving certain selectors sufficient time. What this usually results in is every festival goers worst nightmate; The Clash. Hats must be taken off and thrown in to the air this year for how well set out the whole day was. Extending the sets of MCDE, Four Tet, Ame and Daniel Avery amongst others meant that everyone left happy and was able to catch at least some of everybody, or simply experience the full journey of their favourites.


The “I’m still going from last night” punter

Everybody knows who they are. Whether they squeezed their way in to your cab down to Werribee or things just didn’t go to plan on New Years Eve for them – a few always make the day particularly hard for themselves. Let Them Eat Cake is probably the best festival on earth to have a mid festival power nap – be it amongst a colourful bed of flowers, or quite sneakily behind a row of hedges, those wanting to end the bend have stumbled into heaven. For the engines that still had some in the tank the whole day was made effortless and catered to their impatience with plenty of bars and loads of stages that all had different vibes and audiences to either blend into or stick out from.

So no matter what type of New Years reveller you see yourself as or might be next year, make sure you stick to those famous words of Marie Antoinette and come join me for a fat slice of cake in 2017.


Photos by Ryan Sauer Media

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