Festival Essentials with Otologic

This weekend marks the arrival of some incredible lineups over two of Victoria’s most prominent festivals. Pitch Music festival holds it’s inaugural event in the north of the state, welcoming some of 6am’s favourite local and international artists. Golden Plains welcomes a stellar local roster for it’s 11th incarnation at the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre.

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So with the biggest festival weekend in living memory to hit Victoria this weekend, we thought it was essential to get some hot tips from some of Melbourne’s most dusty. Nick Murray and Tom Moore, aka Otologic, have seen more than a few country festivals in their time. Who better to prepare you?

Otologic’s Essentials

1. A positive attitude  can you do any less?

2. Nutrient Wine – recently launched by Melbourne’s GlamouRatz. Best served in a drip.

3. Berrocabama – dedicated to Barry. It will keep you going for 2 terms

4. Beer – nectar of
the gods.

5. Margaritas – choose your own adventure with a half salted rim.

6. Club-Mate – show off your knowledge of techno with a bottle of cold tea.

7. Deodorant – long-lasting & aluminum-free.

8. Sparkling Water – spicy and hydrating.

9. Performance Enhancers – pick your poison.