Hopkins Creek: From The Crates, for The Crater

Born out of a mutual interest and a passion for great music, Hopkins Creek returns again this December. Whilst continuing to push amazing local DJs and bands, they have also stacked the lineup with some friendly international faces too. From what we are told there are plenty of great sounding, tasting and looking surprises that await punters this year round. Add to that a truly awe-inspiring location and we were sold a long time ago.

Ahead of the looming throwdown in The Crater this year, we asked a few of our favourite selectors on the bill to share some of their favourite crate digs. Some word through the grapevine is that very few tickets are remaining. As always we highly recommend you support your local record stores and try and grab a cheap one from Skydiver, Wax Museum, The Record Store or Alley Tunes.



Womack and Womack – Life’s Just A Ball Game

“Daytime, night any freaking time there is a time and place for this. One of my all times and this never leaves my bag. One of the most underrated tunes ever from them, eyes closed swaying to that last minute is heaven on earth. “



Laser – Planet Of No Return

“Don’t see any returning from the crater, so this one about sums it up perfectly.”


Ryan Berkeley

The Floaters – Float On

“Obsessed is an understatement. Fell in love with this song the second I heard it and hasn’t left my bag since. Perfect for the crater, day or night. Must be played in full! Float on, float on.”


Toni Yotzi

Si Begg- Mad Shit For Your Crate 2

It’s in the title innit…proto UK footwork(ish)


Barry Sunset & Fitz E

Bryan Ferry – Don’t Stop The Dance (Special Extended Remix)

“One from our set at Hopkins last year. Also our mission statement”



Extended Family – Ulysses (Harvey´s Crowd Control Mix)

“I have recently come to the realization that this may be my favourite dance track ever (definitely my favourite remix) it has everything you could possibly want in a track, robot voices, mad f-x, weird zappy noises, amazing percussion, Au go go and many other goodies, it’s also a perfect nexus between the realms of techno, breakbeat and electro which I like to traverse in and out of regularly.”


Darcy Justice

Loosefingers – Dreaming Of Better Days (12” Extended Version)

“Summertime freedom here we come”


Andy Garvey

GONNO Remix)
“I picked this up in Tokyo last year, safe to say it’s travelled many miles with me ever since..’

Sleep D

Real Love EQ – Italy (Donato and Giorgio Gigli Version)

“This one sounded otherworldly in the crater last year”

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