Q & A: Locked Groove

Many Australians see the European electronic music and club scene as the best in the world. Many Melbournians make the long voyage over to Berlin to experience it! What are your expectations of the Australian electronic music scene?

Not really sure, I don’t think a certain scene is better than the other. I´m of the opinion that the crowd is the most important factor. It´s my first time in Australia so I´m gonna make the most of the experience and try to give people a good time.

You were born in Antwerp, Belgium, is this where you first discovered house and techno?

Yes, I wasn’t actually living in the city for most of my life, I grew up in a small village just outside of town. There wasn’t much to do so I just started listening to a lot of music. I had a lot of spare time on my hands back then, also my dad has a pretty expansive record collection which also served as inspiration.

Were there particular local or international artists that inspired you?

Not really one person perse, I like a lot of stuff. If anything I´d say Talking Heads and Brian Eno.

What was the scene like in Belgium when you were younger compared to now?

It’s evolved a lot, there was a certain time around when I was 16 that most people my age would be into dubstep or drum and bass. That changed a lot over the past couple of years though. The techno and house scene is becoming very healthy again and a lot of people moved on to it.

Because of your diversity you play many different types of parties to a variety of crowds. Are there any defining aspects of the heavier techno scene or the more lighthearted house scene, which you love experiencing each time you play to the differing crowds?

You never know what you’re gonna get. Sometimes you arrive in a club and you think you’ve the crowd figured out before you start your set, which ends up being incorrect. I love the surprise factor for me but also to surprise a crowd. This works for techno parties or house parties, essentially they’re the same for me. I just try my best to find a balance between giving people what they want to hear and trying to educate them a bit.

Do you have a preferred scene and crowd to play to? Where has been your favourite place to travel to and play?

I love playing in Amsterdam. I’ve played there a lot over the past two years and got to know some great people, promoters and venues.

Your talents caught the attention of Scuba, resulting in your debut on Hot Flush Records in 2012. This is obviously a great achievement, do you personally see this as your greatest or is there an achievement you hold in even higher acclaim?

I just see that as the start, not really the greatest achievement. Your career should evolve and you should always push for more in my opinion. If you just sit back and do nothing, there wont be any great achievements.

What are you future aspirations regarding your music and your label, Locked Groove Records?

As far as my own label goes, do the odd release, maybe sign some new artist I find exciting. My own music, just keep moving and working and see what that brings me.