Ben Houghton: Beta Blocker EP

Melbourne label Momentary Records has blessed our ears with Ben Houghton’s ‘Beta Blocker’ EP, featuring two originals, title track Beta Blocker and another, Softly Spoken. Fellow Aussies Harvey Sutherland and Inkswel lend their creative talents to finish up with a remix and dub respectively, adding a pleasantly different approach to Houghton’s initial creation.

A playful, yet spaced out track, Beta Blocker will get your feet moving and your head swimming. Following a percussive, spacious beginning, Houghton lays down some pads that will send you floating out into the deep. Rest assured the percussion won’t let you down, the stripped back snares will keep you treading water for hours. Delivered with a funky, emotive baseline Beta Blocker is your multi-dimensional go-to with a bit of grunt.

Softly Spoken, Houghton’s second original and dub sensation washes away any residual intensity. A soothing track that will still put you in the right direction; Softly Spoken takes the listener on an arpeggio driven journey, creating a sentiment similar to that of driving Mario along rainbow road. The up and down scale progression of a dub infused synth parallels the rises and falls of the journey.

Harvey Sutherland’s remix of Beta Blocker is a 6 minute clap and bass driven journey, layered with exotic Juno 60 textures. Consistent claps, along with the rest of Sutherland’s signature percussion will maintain your enthusiasm, while presenting an appeasing variation of Houghton’s original.

On Inkswel’s take, broken beat kick drums and heavily reverberated, clashing snares pursue the listener, producing a rhythm of intricacy and authority. Intriguing and educative, along with an abrasive motivation, the rhythm, with the help of ethereal vocals and intoxicating melodies ensures Inkswel’s remix of Beta Blocker will awaken your drowsy eyes with gusto.