Big Strick: The Gathering EP

Following on from a strong release last year on his own label, 7 Days Entertainment, pioneer of the Detroit sound Big Strick starts the year with his new EP, The Gathering.

The opening track, “Twisted Faith” is a deep house slow burner. Wide chords create a mysterious vibe as percussion builds and a low synth riff bassline maintains a driving pace. Layers of sliced-up female vocals are added, which all work together to a climax, before the track settles back into its steady groove. The second track, “Elixer”, is understated and soft by comparison. Intricate layers of percussion and simple chords create a chilled, early morning vibe.

Flipping over to the B side, the mood is slightly more melancholic with “2 Track”, where layers of disjointed percussion meander. As you begin to question where the track is headed, minor chord progressions and a simple piano riff are introduced. All elements together create a beautiful atmosphere that makes me want to lie in a park somewhere on a sunny afternoon. The EP’s closing track, “Dirty Burner” is the highlight of the EP, albeit much darker. The muffled kick drum and scratchy percussion create a constant, pulsating drive that is sinister, yet dreamy and floaty.

As he does so often, Big Strick manages to use simple components to create something so much more. The result is a solid EP that showcases quality tracks with a distinct Detroit flavour.

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