DJ Phlowgod: Mantha EP

DJ Phlowgod’s debut EP is lo-fi, twitchy and coagulated in Andy Stott intensity; and we couldn’t be happier that the Mantha 12” encouraged anxiety attacks after listening.

180 degrees different from the track that brought him international props, Summer, this record is steeped in hard-hitting techno that doesn’t let up. Released under Echovolt Records, the Milanese beat-maker has broken through with six gorgeously strong tunes that are guaranteed to wear through the tread in your trainers.

Downtown grinds through systematic drums and moves like a Berghain banger. Doubled up with a hollow but heavy bass, Phlowgod skilfully uses this track’s thin texture to drive a snap while Black Roses habits sinister synths to incite panic.

Heavy, dark and relentless, Phlowgod appeases the techno gods with dance-floor tune Cursed Fate. Dubbed-out high hats makes this track self-aware, and with an absolutely necessary hammering 808, Cursed Fate will loop you into destined doomed dancing.
Mas and Anthem take it easy. Steady yet squirmy, Mas throbs with a lesser BPM while Anthem knocks with wet effects. Three is equally distilled in Phlowgod’s habitual techno but with a free-flowing house feel. Like slipping into a warm bath, the final track to the Martha soothes the soles of your feet or the soul of your being – whichever is sorer.

This record is exact. Heavy when it must be yet comfortable when we call for it, Phlowgod knows what we need. Whether it’s an upper: Downtown, or a cruiser: Three, Mantha has been skilfully crafted to heal or fuel you with thumpingly good techno.