Mount Liberation Unlimited: (Eerie) For Your Love

Mount Liberation Unlimited’s (Eerie) For Your Love is otherworldly. It is the Swedish deep house duo’s third release and catapults the listener upwards, suspending them in an extra terrestrial haze of electronic drum and synth. It makes complete sense for the Stockholm boys Tom Lagerman and Nicklas Janzon’s newest sound to be released on NYC powerhouse; Beats In Space, as it truly soars to new galactic heights.

The pair is performance focused and developed the 12” (Eerie) For Your Love spontaneously, taking from their live sets and cultivating them in the studio. The playfulness and uninhibited nature of their process shines greatly in their music.

Side A: (Eerie) For Your Love begins like a dream. Wind chimes give way to hazy and twitchy beat. Synth ascends into joyful crescendos and ebbs and flows over a bouncy, yo-yoing electric drum. The song transcends what’s modern and is a jazzy nod to a past more tactile time. There is a definite sweetness and lighter delight to the near 10 min track. It is beautifully contrasted to its B Side counterpart Maiden Voyage, which takes a darker turn and has a deeper feel. MLU studs the song with a nod to the 1980’s Balearic beat, a loose and eclectic blend of electronica often produced with a Roland TR-909 drum machine programmed in certain laid-back, swing-beat patterns. As a result the song is expansive and has the searching, exploratory feel of a journey or a Maiden Voyage itself.

Accompanying this release is a video by acclaimed artist Johannes Palmroos that features a mock-umentary on MLU and a series of experts on the search for legendary musical pioneer T. J. Eerie who disappeared in 1982. Eerie was said to “fall between fiction and reality” by inventing a way to make his surroundings speak. The boys end the video by saying that they “keep their hopes up that one day he’ll stand there waiting at the studio door”, and until he does, I will be waiting for Mount Liberation Unlimited’s next release.