Project Pablo: Priorities

Project Pablo is back with an unperturbed premise. Music producer and Montreal resident, Patrick Holland has graced us with Priorities – an aqueous yet juicy four-track record with a prerogative to ‘follow a trip through the day-to-day while discovering balance in the mundane.’ U.K label Magicwire teed up with Pablo after a year of touring to create a record distilled in deep house cruisers.

The record in itself is a big deal. His prior release, I Want To Believe, was only distributed as cassettes and digitals – perhaps as a means to keep it off the dance floor – but the slow-burner “Warm Priority” wasn’t designed for sitting still. A bleating but not bloodless bass grounds us as his free keys jitter; synths wean and bend; timbres sound like steel drums. “Warm Priority” is a greenhouse of tones that’ll sprout dance moves from its balmy groove.

“Evening Call” is like throwing a pebble into a pond. The walking bass is a steady body against the rippled echoes of padded synthesizers – allowing the ingredients to juxtapose smoothly. It’s like a vodka tonic for your ears: curt but not overt. “Lallime” continues the zesty vibes as fresh kicks give the track bite while bongoes add liquidity. These tracks are integrally deep-house boys, but “Lallime” pits his jazzy bongoes against the cavernous percussions that livens up the unhurried tune.

The final three-minute track, “About To Leave”, is slower and akin to its “Evening Call” and “Lallime” brothers. Romantic, chorded keys give us a kiss us on the cheek from the Priorities record, and it’s here that Project Pablo lets the silence speak more than accrued layers. It’s the amicable melody that gently rubs the sleep from your eyes before “About To Leave” gives us the coda.

Priorities aims to order your life with the looseness it embodies. From this release, Project Pablo encourages a melodic and dogmatic pace of going for the sake of going but at an enjoyable pace. Priorities is entrenched in deep-house movements bedded against organic melodies. It’ll breathe life onto your turntable and slowly but steadily set your priorities.