Quartet Series: QS001

Nachtbraker, aka Maurits Verwoerd, is a garish connoisseur of silky textures and talented DJs. Quartet Series, a fresh imprint co-founded by KiSk, aka Guiseppe D’Allesandro, has been as busy as Nachtbraker, and he’s an active man. After releasing three 12” records last year, through Heist, Hudd Traxx and Dirt Crew Recordings, and earning accolades with the Boiler Room debut of ‘Time is of the Essence’, QS001 got us giddy. This Quartet Series 12” spins two sides of house created by Crackazat, Saine, Gnork, and Nachtbraker himself.

Crackazat’s Lindop Circles nods along to soulful keys and jazzy tones. This track is a slow burner, and spins melodically to down tempo swoons and a chorus of piano key that pique interest, cutting strong hooks. With a hurried Floating Points vibe, Lindop Circles swirls with whimsical textures and glittering beats. This track sits well with the Bristolian DJ’s latest record, Crescendo, and especially slaps hands with Somewhere Else.

Finnish producer Saine also gives us a supreme tune: Prime Chops. A self-explanatory track, it pulls strong percussion to the front with a looped clave, and then splices itself up with dizzying horn samples. Soulful vocal samples also simmer amongst the jazz-fusion – tantamount to the DJ’s downtempo grooves. Primo Chops yanks the dancing from your feet with the rhythm, but pushes the moves back to your hips with simple but elongated piano pitches.

The third track on QS001 is by our boy, Nachtbraker, and drums a bit harder compared to the record’s prior tunes. Totally Not Mistique builds with wet synthesizers and lo-fi claps, while fermenting in techno drums and jazzy loops. Here Nachtbraker showcases his extensive sound pallet and drops unconventional harmonic instruments on Totally Not Mistique, as we bang along.

Ubiquitous Blorp Label spinner, Gnork, supplies the final tune on QS001’s B-side – Chord Tool. This track burns a hot trail as it runs with the characteristic uplifting synthased textures that launched Gnork’s 2015 Deer IV EP release into the sonar stratosphere. Juxtaposed against the tranquil semibreves, the beating drum pattering’s gives this track movement – and it bounds weightlessly simultaneously freeing us to run with it.

Quartet Series, and all the talented musicians that release under its moniker, have carved a legacy. Crackazat, Saine, Nachtbracker and Gnork move with different beats but they have all symbiotically created QS001, and the series’ first glittering release of jazzy house crooners.