Rudolf C: Synaesthesia

After much anticipation and playing so very hard to get, Melbourne’s own prodigal child Rudolf C has released his debut EP ‘Synaesthesia’ on London Label X-Kalay.

Rudolf’s own personal brand of back-yard house is put on showcase and it is a testament to the type of local talent that Melbourne can produce. Rather than release this debut with his own co-founded label “Salt Mines”, Rudolf has chosen to spread his talent internationally and hook up with X-Kalay in what I only assume is a gracious act of sharing his visceral and immersive techno with those across the pond.

He couldn’t have found a more appropriate title. Each track in ‘Synaesthesia’ evokes a sense of its namesake and produces a visualisation of colour and imagery in each acidic beat.

He hits the ground running with ‘Seattle City Light’, delivering a track that echoes with atmospheric textures. It builds upon itself, layering 303s and sharp electro in true Acid Techno style. “Blacked” explores a darker and more sinister colour palate. The beat seems to resonate and swell into a pulsing rhythmic sensation that you cannot help but shimmy to.

Rudolf congers up images of a swirling whirlpool with “Pisces”. Dark and gargling. The hypnotic sub heavy pulse is set to a slightly psychedelic backdrop and it’s easy to see your horoscope foretold within the synth. “Untitled Monday” boasts a lighter and more melodic and chilled array of effects. It delivers “Synaesthesia” to a powerful resolution and completes the storyboard of mental images that the EP has formed.

Rudolf C has blessed us with a mesmerizing and warbling techno debut. Each track stands alone but all converge to produce a collection of interwoven tunes, which are assured to mystify. Get amongst it.