SW: Reminder Part Three

The third part of the annual Reminder series from SUED label co-founder SW. is perhaps the best and most memorable yet.

The opening track is an expose of every squelching and beeping electronic sound known to man, pinned together by some breakbeat influences. For all purposes it should sound shambolic, however the echoing chords and brass samples guide the listener away from the fact they have essentially listened to a dial up internet tone for six minutes and makes you feel more like you are cutting sick with Neo and Morphius at a Zion rave.

On the flip side is a brooding percussive piece. The waves and appreggiated synths have an intergalactic feel to them. Overall I feel Its complicated construction would only be fully appreciated on a good system and lodged somewhere in a extended and special set.

Disk two begins with the most straightforward jam of the release and the one you are most likely to hear being played around the traps. The squelches and arcade sounds are traded in for more standard and deeper constructions, the chords and sound akin to many tracks before it.

The final cut is well and truly back on terrafirma, embracing tribal percussive rhythms and whistles. Low hung ravey synth lines are smoothly restrained by the drawn out pads and moody chords.

Reminder Part Three for many may just be another slightly leftfield release that draws on elements of house and techno. Although for certain listeners (myself included) you will continue to see the value in your purchase with each listen. I have used the term ‘see’ quite deliberately as the sounds and music explored on these four tracks have a highly visual elements. Whether you are floating peacefully somewhere in the cosmos or stomping at a post apocalyptic corroboree, make sure it plays seamlessly on some crisp big sound, close your eyes and enjoy the journey.