Trikk: Abstract Language EP

Bruno, better known as his pseudonym Trikk, is renowned for heavily built intros and a trademark, minimal vibe. Abstract Language is his third release on the Man Make Music Label, this three-piece finishing with a remix from Locked Groove. The EP is very stripped back, sometimes replicating the sound of a machine missing an essential element, but Trikk drops that necessity back in, giving the track back it’s wholesomeness. This song emits dinosaur-like sounds and stomping tones, creating noises that you might hear if a war broke out between Jurassic park and Goliath.

Deviation 33 starts out with a rattling sound, mirroring a fast-paced breath, the constant undertone of this simple, yet powerful number. Then the beat fades in, a hypnotic thud, like the thumping of a heart accompanied by a very faint sound similar to that of an alarm going off in the far distance. The trinity of these components create a powerful undercurrent for this track. With such an abstract EP it leaves the listener with feelings of ambiguity and subjectivity, allowing you to create endless connotations and stories. There’s a modest charm rooted firmly into Deviation 33; it captures you and although you’re never too sure of the story, you can’t help but make sense of it.

Rounding off Abstract Language is a remix of Deviation 33 by Locked Groove. It adds a bit more substance to the original track, the harmonies much more obvious. Synths release a beautiful melody building on the story proposed by Trikk. Residing mostly in the minor keys it provokes a response all the way through, from the chest to the gut. As the original focuses much more on a mechanical sound down to individual interpretation, this remix turns the track into something a little more striking and sentimental, like the moment a robot develops emotions and empathy. Locked Groove brings Deviation 33 alive, as the sounds and hard beats are more tangible. They’ve listened to the story and expressed the narrative they heard through their own original sound.

Abstract Language is an EP to look out for. Each of these tracks produces a heavy atmosphere, one to fit perfectly with a potent sound system.

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