A few months ago everyone’s favourite red wine connoisseur and Facebook live video fanatic Move D reposted a mysterious, low-slung and downtempo house track on his SoundCloud. An untitled track from an alias called U-I. For a few weeks there this soothing piece became my morning soundtrack. Soft synth stabs flutter out a weaving melody that is accompanied by a beat reminiscent of that early 00’s trip hop/dance stuff which still plagues cafes and bars around the world and my mum plays at her dinner parties.

So it turns out this must’ve found its way into the earlobes of Seb Wildblood who has not only got us a name for this track (‘optional spheres’) but has also managed to get another 7 tracks off U-I and release the first full length on All My Thoughts.

More good news is that the rest of the release is just as beautiful as the aforementioned opener of the LP. The intricate, yet delicate percussion stands out across the whole album. It guides layers of piano melodies and easy on the ear vintage chords. The occasional field recording and thick bass guitar give the album that extra level of textured allure. Not to take away from the dreamscapy house of Tom VR or the ever on point local DJ Heure however, musically this has raised a pretty high bar for Wildblood’s side label that is still very much in its infancy – hopefully meaning there are more high-quality releases that lie ahead for All My Thoughts.

Just like any good mystery novel, this release keeps you jumping to conclusions then immediately debunks them. My advice would be not to worry about trying to pinhole the sound, not to worry about what vintage synths you are hearing, not to give a fuck about why it isn’t getting a vinyl release, not to try and imagine how it was recorded, how many musicians were involved, or how much weed was smoked to reach such levels of chill. Embrace the mystery of the release, press play and drown out the world around you.

Buy the digi or cassette here.