Wayne Snow: Red Runner EP

Wayne Snow, who previously collaborated with fellow label producer Max Graef, has now given birth to his first very own solo EP – Red Runner. It’s one you should probably take the time to indulge in. It’s always exciting witnessing an artists debut EP, discovering their potential, and being able to claim that their music has been coming through your speakers since day one.

The title track Red Runner is what you’ll hear first up and Snow kicks things off with a warm, filtered, stretched out synth that plays out over a smooth kick as well as open and closed hats. A summery vibe is picked up straight away and is intensified with the welcomed entry of Snow’s own soulful vocals. The stretched synth notes fade out and reappear in a new form of short stabs as the chorus comes in and kicks the track up a gear. His tropical electronic style nods to artists such as Toro Y Moi and is best enjoyed on a warm day by the water, iced beverage in hand. 70’s disco inspired guitar chords are fused in with the rest of the track creating a retro feel; a sound that is arguably making a bit of a comeback in the contemporary dance music scene. Blue Moon is the next track Snow graces us with and in this one he’s gone for the hip hop approach; I might add successfully too. A stand out in this tune is a real tasteful 90’s hip hop-inspired snare. Slow jazzy piano chords and again Snow’s melt-worthy vocals are thrown into the mix and what comes out is another smooth, warm and winning track.

The last two tracks included in the EP are both remixes of the title track. The Glenn Astro & IMYRMIND remix retains some of the filtering effects and the hero of the original, the synth, but raises the beat into house territory. This one’s very much DJ friendly and would slot perfectly into a poolside set.

Lastly we have the Session Victim remix of Red Runner and again it’s another dance floor oriented one. It begins interestingly with a wooden flute and an acoustic guitar riff which both craft a mysterious and pensive vibe that may not quite work with the original tracks’ mellow synth. Despite this the tambourine and bass guitar added in very much help the groove along.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Snow now calls Berlin home where I’m sure, if you’re there, you’ll catch him spinning his new productions to one of the city’s many thriving dance floors pretty soon. This release has raised mine and will continue to raise many more eyebrows of avid electronic music listeners far and wide. The man of Tartelet Records has certainly set the bar high with Red Runner and it will be interesting to see what kind of places his eccentric productions will take us next.